This Dreamer by Sara Watterson, published by Inevah Press

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This Dreamer by Sara Watterson

Can she summon the will to do what is necessary, or will she risk all to save a human?
Evie grows restless observing mortals from afar. When a friend offers to smuggle her by portal into the human world, she jumps at the opportunity. Secretly, though, she also hopes to observe Adan, the human Dreamer. Only a glimpse, she promises herself.

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My Favorite Color is Your Something Blue by Eva Austin
Sometimes love is messy.

When Morgan accidentally runs into Will at a gas station, and he spills blue slush all over her, she never expects to see him again, much less be thrown into an awkward and unwanted setup. But when the bride and groom of the wedding they both happen to be in wield their match-making power, Morgan’s frosty first impression starts to melt.